High-quality vocational education and training (VET) is vital to give Australians the skills and knowledge to contribute positively in the workplace. Registered training organisations (RTOs) are education providers approved by ASQA to deliver VET courses. This framework encompasses training that is deemed “Accredited training” and is regulated. Non-accredited training can still be of a high quality but is not regulated by the government. Depending on the individual needs and budget of a business, either accredited or non-accredited training may be appropriate.

WHS Training

WHS Workplace Training

“All organisations have regulatory responsibilities which they must meet around the safety of their workers and contractors. This extends from Safety Governance at the highest level in the organisation, through WHS Committee representation of all the work groups in the business, to any person in the business responsible for a Business Undertaking (a PCBU).

….and there are so many facets to the legislation…”who is a PCBU here in my organisation, for example…am I?”


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AusSafety's approach is not a 'cookie cutter' approach

For over 20 years, we have worked with employers nationally to understand each organisation’s specific industry and cirumstances, along with the evolving and varied State legislation, to tailor training for the key people in each client’s specific business or organisation. AusSafety’s approach is not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach because no two organisations are exactly the same. Neither is our approach simply one of compliance. Yes, legal protections are achieved with the training and safety systems development work we will do with your organisation. Additionally and importantly, however, we will assist your organisation to ingrain a safety culture into the whole organisation.
A safety culture lived daily across the organisation is extremely important in workers behaving safely at work, in their identifying potential risks, in their challenging the adequacy of current risk mitigation strategies, and in looking after each other. Having a strong safety culture is something Employers of Choice have developed, and your organisation’s external brand is also enhanced. But how to make this happen?

Building a strong safety culture

Even sending the WHS Committee away to do a short course, or make them battle unassisted through some online learning, can be a time consuming and not necessarily the most effective way to achieve a ‘step change’. Our very mission at AusSafety is to help your people get home safety to their loved ones – what price that? Call us today for a confidential discussion about meeting your organisation’s specific needs via a really focussed and effective training and cultural development program on 1300 766 139

AusSafety Business Health Check

Be sure that your business meets workplace laws. Use our Business Health Check tool to spot if you’re at risk. It takes less than 10 minutes. And it’s FREE.

Why AusSafety Training?

We have over 20 years’ experience providing high-quality and practical training across a number of areas within the WHS field. Many of our courses centre around introductory awareness training, however our Screening Audiometry Training ensures the participant meets the requirements of AS1269.4:2014 to competently undertake screening audiometry within the workplace.

AusSafety can address all these pressing needs when it comes to your Health & Safety Consulting and Management within your Workplace.

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