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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Frequently Asked Questions?

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Currently we can only provide an individual fit test for workers in South East Queensland due to availability of consultants & fit testing apparatus.
Yes! Each of our mobile clinics contain a sound proof booth that is certified annually to ensure they meet the required attenuation for performing hearing tests.
As we are setup to provide on-site industrial audiometric screenings it is not cost effective to provide an individual test. We have a testing facility at our head office in South East Queensland that can perform individual audiometric tests.

Quite simply the best of the best in Australia. The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (AIOH) are the recognized experts in Australia for Hygiene. In order to become a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH) there are tertiary qualification & experience requirements followed by examinations run by the AIOH. Large organizations with extensive hygiene requirements often employ an in-house COH to look after their compliance – so we can save you the hassle of employing a COH full time whilst still enjoy the benefits of the best hygiene monitoring you can get.

Yes we can! We can offer most Occupational Hygiene, Health & Safety services available and have previously provided incredibly diverse services across our 20 years. If you have a specific request please contact us today!