Discover how we protect and enhance hearing globally with our revolutionary system.

Everyone agrees that noise-induced hearing loss is a serious occupational hazard for all workers and professionals exposed to high level sounds. With ears being as distinctive as fingerprints, Sonomax proves that earpieces, custom-fitted to the exact shape of your ears, can give you the full protection you require – comfortably, effectively and easily-inserted.

Custom-fitted in-ear hearing protection for all

Custom-fitted in-ear hearing protection for all

Discover how we protect and enhance hearing globally with our revolutionary system.

Everyone agrees that noise-induced hearing loss is a serious occupational hazard for all workers and professionals exposed to high level sounds. With ears being as distinctive as fingerprints, Sonomax proves that earpieces, custom-fitted to the exact shape of your ears, can give you the full protection you require – comfortably, effectively and easily-inserted.


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Self-Fit In-Ear Expansion Technology

The expansion technology for the earpieces incorporates a fully encapsulated bladder mounted on a choice of multiple platforms that include noise attenuation blockers or filters for hearing protectors.

​The safety of the product is thoroughly tested, including the strength of the bladder which can be expanded to over 10 times the volume in the system. More than 100,000 users have been fitted with Sonomax products using the SonoFit technology.


SonoFit™ System
This proprietary system consists of a single use headband with integrated inflation pumps that are filled with a medical grade silicone compound, with inflatable earpieces pre-docked and ready for expansion. ​Sonomax bundles more than twelve patented technologies into this innovative fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece designed to seamlessly interface with any in-ear application such as earphones, hearing protection, Bluetooth™ headsets and hearing aids.


SonoPass™ Earpiece Fit Test Validation Software
Sonomax developed and introduced the world to SonoPass™ Proof of Performance Software. It is comprised of our uniquely designed dual microphone insert and our Windows-based F-MIRE SonoPass™ software.
Certified individual (F-MIRE) field attenuation measurement in minutes.
Reliable PAR (Personal Attenuation Rating) for each individuals’ hearing protector
Dual element microphone measures sound inside and outside the ear.
Customized protection to optimized noise levels.

Custom-Fitted Hearing Protection & Communication Enhancement

All Sonomax Hearing Protectors are made from soft hypoallergenic silicone and shaped to your unique ear print forming an acoustic seal and without friction points so they can be worn for prolonged periods of time. Discomfort is a main factor that reduces the effectiveness of hearing protectors.








Sonomax™ Self-Fit Accessories

Sonomax is the premier custom molded, measured and calibrated hearing protection system that is tailored to each individual ear. It provides measurable hearing protection according to the noise exposure levels of each individual at their workplace.
Just like finger prints, the external and internal features of ears are different for each individual. Unlike foam plugs, no ear cavity is the shape of a cylinder.

Sonomax Hearing Protection is custom moulded for an exact fit in each ear, forming a perfect acoustic seal. It also ensures no pressure points between the shape of the plug and the ear canal, giving maximum comfort and no irritation. The internal form of the plug means that it won’t interfere with the use of other PPE.
When Sonomax hearing protection has been fitted, our SonoPass software driven process confirms that an acoustic seal has formed. Then it measures the personal attenuation level in each ear, calibrates the required level of sound attenuation, instructs the testing operator on the most appropriate filter to ensure a safe sound level for each ear and records the results. At the end of the process a formal report is generated which details the hearing protection provided for each ear for every individual.

omomax Hearing Protection can be coupled with communications devices to enable staff to hear communications clearly when working in extreme environments.

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Sonomax™ Self-Fit Hearing Protectors

The ultimate in comfort and fit. Sonomax Self-Fit Hearing Protectors are custom-fit to your unique ear print creating a perfect noise-blocking seal that keeps out hazardous noise. Unlike all other custom-fitted technologies, Sonomax Self-Fit™ Hearing Protectors come pre-docked on to the single use SonoFit system allowing for a Do-it-Yourself custom fitting in five minutes.

Shaped to your unique ear print, it eliminates discomfort and is easy to insert
Made from hypoallergenic silicone for extended reusability and lowest lifecycle cost.
Provides full block attenuation, the maximum level of protection. Allows communication without removal of the plug. Multiple filters are also available.
Can be fully tested for repeated verification.
Detachable cord eliminates risks to snag.

Sonomax Pro-Fit Hearing Protectors

The Sonomax Pro-fit is fitted on-site by one of our experienced Sonomax implementers. Each person has an autoscopic examination to ensure suitability for fitting the Somomax Pro-fit hearing protector. Somomax Pro-fit is fitted and tested in one session reducing cost production hours and reducing travel costs associated with returning to a workplace for separate fitting.

SonoCustom: Quantified Custom Hearing Protection in Minutes

Sonomax Hearing Protection is custom fitted to your ear
Proper seal and comfortable fit are achieved
Sound is measured outside and inside your ear to prove noise reduction
A filter is selected according to your noise environment and then inserted in your Sonomax Hearing Protector
There you have it; quantified protection
Yes, you’re done.

Sonomax™ Self-Fit Accessories

Sonomax offers functional accessories that are compatible with our hearing protectors. This line of enhancement accessories allows users to turn their Sonomax Self-Fit Hearing Protectors into an advanced protection device.
Noisy environments make it difficult for a person to hear and be heard. The use of communication devices such as two-way radios in these environments further decreases the chance that a clear message can be sent or received. Loud ambient noise is not only inconvenient, it is also dangerous. Sonomax offers integrated earpiece solutions that are plug and play with multiple radio systems.

The Sonomax Self-Fit hearing protection faceplate was developed to support all third party acoustic tube radio solutions. With the help of our SF Communication Elbow you can fit any acoustic tube style communication device to our earpiece.

Model No. HPD-V5-COMM

It consists of a communication set with a built-in compressor-limiter that amplifies quiet conversations and attenuates sounds that are too loud. This requires the purchase of any Sonomax Self-Fit filtered models (yellow, red or brown) in addition to the SF Communication Elbow.
Sonomax recommends the continued use of lubricant for ease of insertion and to ensure an optimal fit for the best attenuation. The lubricant can also be used to maintain cleanliness and longevity of the hearing protector.

Model No. HPD-V5-LUBE