Business Health Check

Be sure that your business meets Australia and New Zealand’s workplace laws. Use our Business Health Check tool to spot if you’re at risk. It takes less than 10 minutes. And it’s FREE.

Give your business a FREE check-up with an AusSafety OH&S Consultant

How do you measure the health and safety of your business? What about whether you’re at risk of breaking the law?

Because falling foul of employment or health & safety laws can be terminal. And with hundreds of rules affecting your business, it’s a risk you face every day.

Take our Business Health Check today, to compare your business against the latest Australian legislation. Then get a personalised report to show if you’re compliant. And more importantly if you’re not…

It takes less than 10 minutes and it’s totally FREE.

Will your company health check give you a clean bill of health? Take the Business Health Check questionnaire and find out…

Talk to one of our specialists today 1300 766 139

How does it work?

We will ask you some simple questions about your company. Based on your answers, we compare your compliance against Australian laws and best practice.
Then, you get a customised Business Health Check Report that reveals your biggest legal risks.

Green means you’re doing well. Yellow means you need to act. Red means you need to act fast…

Whether you’re doing a small business health check or a compliance audit for a large company, take advantage of our health checker to discover the risks facing your business today. Talk to one of our health check specialists today 1300 766 139

Get tested

Designed to cover the key areas of legislation and compliance in both health & safety and employment law.

Business Heath Check

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