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Aussafety specialises in Workplace Health Services for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

We are your “One Stop Shop” for all of your Workplace health needs.

Aussafety  is a passionate company in the business of wellbeing. Our mission is to enable your organisation to optimise the health and wellbeing of your workforce, leading to improved wellbeing, engagement, productivity, and reduced injury and illness rates. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and consider ourselves expert in Workplace Health Services.

Audiometric Testing

Work related noise induced hearing loss is preventable, however is both a permanent & non-reversible condition. If you…
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Air Quality Monitoring

We understand that having your workers away from their duties for any period of time costs money. We…
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Occupational Noise

Occupational noise monitoring is undertaken to determine the level of noise that workers may be exposed to in…
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WHS Audit

Health and safety audits are important for assessing the performance of the business relative to the goals that…
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Why Aussafety for Consultings?

Get an obligation free proposal

AusSafety will promptly provide you a tailored proposal based on your requirements (scope, timeframe & delivery method)

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Once you engage AusSafety, our operations team will work with you to streamline the logistics of your tailored service

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Once logistics are finalized, AusSafety will professionally & promptly deliver your service onsite, followed by a comprehensive report.

Why Chose Us?

Our people helping your people get home safely
AusSafety have 20+ years of experience in helping organisations get their people home safety. At AusSafety, we know a safe workplace is a productive workplace and a productive workplace is a profitable workplace.

No distance is too great

Time is Money
AusSafety is committed to supporting the safety of your workers while also ensuring that production downtime is kept to a minimum. We schedule your services to maximise efficiency & effectiveness, whether that is next door or in a remote location.

You’re in good company

Join our family
Leading private & public employers across Australia have for over 20 years retained AusSafety as their choice of provider. Our technicians all share our passion for safety and are qualified to meet your specific needs.

Focus, Strength & Partnership in Safety


AusSafety’s focus is the health & safety of every single worker. We first strive to get a comprehensive understanding of the risk to which each worker is exposed. AusSafety then utilizes our wide range of expertise, skills, testing equipment & mobile health clinics to bring to bear focussed solutions to meet your specific needs.


AusSafety strength in safety is founded in our demonstrated ability to deliver a wide range of health, hygiene & safety services right across Australia. We operate in a diverse range of industries and support many industry leading brands. Our strength is built on the delivery of high-quality, professional services and the development of a safety culture amongst workers.


AusSafety is about win-win. We strive to develop a long-standing relationship in order to meet your unique health & safety objectives, in way that improves your business outcomes.

Professional Health, Safety and Quality Consulting Services

AusSafety offers you tailored and supportive consulting for all aspects of your Workplace Health and Safety requirements. Our highly qualified and experienced consultants are available to offer you the best possible service.

We have many clients across Australia

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Aussafety will address your occupational health, hygiene and safety needs through a blend of onsite experience & professional understanding

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Occupational Hygiene

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Workplace Health & Safety

In Australia there is fairly strong, yet not totally consistent Occupational Health & Safety legislative framework in place across both federal and state/territory jurisdictions.

Sonomax™ – Discover how we protect and enhance hearing

Sonomax is a custom moulded hearing protector that is fitted to your ear onsite. It provides superior attenuation and can be combined with accessories such as 2-way radio to allow hearing protection while communicating. Click below to find out more

Provide you with the highest quality of service

Our service is prompt, friendly and comprehensive. Our expert services can realise true cost savings across a range of industries by improving overall health and safety management within your organisation. We can work with you every step of the way or put in place measures to ensure your organisation is equipped to move forward with your internal resources.